At Gulf & Western Industries, LLC we are fully committed to consistently delivering high value products and services to our clientele.

Gulf and Western supplies and fully restores equipment for a variety of applications including gas compression and power generation systems, fabricates associated equipment, and services client installations. Gulf & Western was founded by seasoned industry veterans, and mentored by a former Board Member of the original Gulf & Western Industries, Inc. The company has adopted the dynamic ideals that led to the original Gulf & Western’s historic growth.

We are specialist in capital expenditure project, plant turnaround, maintenance, equipment packaging and equipment refurbishment services. We are a leading innovative service organization with technical expertise, expansive parent resources, and a global track record of safety and performance in supporting the Chemical, Petroleum, Healthcare, Municipal, Government and Power Industries. Our service companies provide clients with a consolidated solution, addressing your most urgent needs no matter the requirement, size or location. Our guarantee is simple: provide quality services within budget and on-time.

  • Industrial & Pipeline
  • Insulation & Scaffolding
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Gas Compression
  • Power Generation
  • Structural/Pipe Fabrication
  • Civil Construction
  • Field Service
  • Parts

Gulf & Western Industries Is part of the Python Group of companies which currently includes Grizzly Manufacturing, Bighorn Manufacturing, Wildcat Cable Solutions and Stout Energy Solutions.


This starts with Client Focused operating systems. We listen closely to our clients needs and remain responsive at all times. Not seeing the right solution on the market, Gulf & Western launched a proprietary client portal with job tracking and end product visibility customized to our client’s specific needs. In addition, we are employing resources to determine improvements for our clients equipment that improves reliability and efficiency.


We love our clients. We work on equipment that involves high temperatures and pressures that can impact the safety of their employees. We take that very seriously and ensure the finest parts and workmanship are used in our construction and refurbishment. We love our people. Safety is a ground-up mission for us, starting with a strategic design of our facility with fabrication safety in mind. Consistent training, monitoring, and manufacturing best practices ensures a safe environment for all.


We are proud of our badging. We want systems performing as designed, or better. We incorporate suppliers with integrity and an understanding of the purpose of parts and materials. Experience matters. People, partners and suppliers are critical to successfully estimating and delivering a quality job on time and on budget. To accomplish this, especially on refurbishment where existing components are used, we follow up our quality commitment with stringent pre-delivery testing, infield service, and scheduled performance audits.